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We live in a period of Global awakening & Transformation. If you haven't realised this until now, let this be the first moment of truth for you. Many people, as they are start awakening they strive to learn methods and ways to move their life into some evolutionary process. Some study through books, some follow some teachings or seminars. Many people today are attracted and want to engage in transmitting knowledge or help others in their attempt to evolve themselves and also contribute to the Transformation of Humans. Some people find the transparent, pure way, some do not, and many are struggling somewhere in between. They experience moments of truth and moments of chaos and ignorance. The “war” between the negative and the positive continues in the world and inside the hearts of the people…
We are starting a spiritual Academy for the ones who would like to be spiritual/personal development guides or instructors or help others through individual sessions, counseling, therapy (and other ways).
If you are someone who wants to delve seriously into the ancient path of initiation while still being and living as a modern human in today's world, then this is your calling.
If you want to connect your actions with the Highest stream of energy and "Light", and you are ready to receive guidance in your path, we are inviting you and welcoming you to JOIN this Academy.

Blessing to you and All the Beings!


This Academy is For You:

1. If you are or would like to be a spiritual or personal development guide/instructor for others, teaching workshops, seminars & techniques

2. If you are or would like to be a spiritual Therapist of some system or Technique

3. If you want to help others around you to awaken or unstuck and enter into the path of Self Realisation & Transformation

4. If you need Personal guidance in your life through Realisation & Transformation


In the Academy You will Learn:

• Global System of Spiritual Guiding and Therapy – How Does Personal Transformation & Therapy Works
• Methods For Teaching & Therapy (Techniques & Rituals)
• How to Manifest Your Work in the World
• How to work with Yourself & Grow as a spiritual Guide / Therapist


How does it Work?

A) 3 SEMINARS - We will introduce you to the teachings in 3 seminars during the Academy Year (a weekend seminar and two retreats of 4-5 days each).
B) THERE WILL BE ONLINE MEETINGS (once per month for 9 months every Academy Year) to evaluate, discuss and analyze your progress, make questions, exchange your experience with others and receive advice and knowledge on how to proceed in your evolution.
C) YOU WILL BE PART of the FB group of WOW Academy of Spiritual Guides & Healers where you will be able to connect and meet other, spiritual guides, teachers and healers, members of the academy. To be part of a community of like-minded people is one of the most valuable tools in your path.



- To participate in the ACADEMY, you need to subscribe and make one payment of 500€ (which includes the tuition for the three seminars and the online meetings for the whole program - 1 Year )
- You can make payment in two installments of 290€ - a total of 580€ - (which includes the tuition for the three seminars and the online meetings for the whole program - 1 Year). The first installment must be in the beginning, with your subscription and the second the latest before the second seminar of the program (that is the first 4-5 day seminar)
- The accommodation, food, and transportation expenses for the three seminars are not included in the subscription cost. The cost for these will be announced before each seminar/retreat, and you will have to provide it extra.


To register and for info, please contact:
If you live in Greece, please write to Yula Karaviti - Tel: (0030) 6940566340
or Alexander Northern Deer Tel: (0040) 751895532
If you live in any other country (except Romania) write to Alexander Northern Deer - Tel: (0040) 751895532 - (For Romania check the Romanian Flyer)

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