Co-founder, instructor, therapist

A relentless seeker for meaning and God. A simple man among the people!
She graduated the Faculty of Psychology, Pedagogy and Social Work, licensed in Social Policy. She has specialized in pediatric psychology for 14 years, being a pediatric therapist, director of a placement center, juvenile delinquent counsellor, counsellor therapist in the parent-child relationship.
From 2014 her soul guided her toward the spiritual aspect of existence. So, soon she assumes the spiritual disciple role, following his spiritual mentor on the path of healing and spiritual awakening. She has alternately manifested several roles in organizing and supporting workshops, seminars, camps and retreats of personal and spiritual development, as well as individual healing sessions healer, thus gaining the status of instructor within the World of Wisdom & Spiritual Adventure Community and the WOW Academy.
Animated since childhood by the simple idea that the people can be happy together, she creates together with her mentor Alexander Northern Deer and Eirini Kaps, World of Wisdom & Spiritual Adventure NGO, a dream that has become reality!

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