Ancient Path of Yoga – Patanjali

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December 2, 2017
Becoming your own best self!
December 2, 2017




T he Ancient Path of Yoga (Patanjali) – suggests an ancient way for a man to obtain completion, free will and self-control. The Ancient Path of Yoga declares sovereignty over the human mind, upon oneself and freedom from limiting thoughts – in few words our soul, body and mind should become like the mountains thriving on the earth for thousands of years, being a symbol of stability, strength and free will. The study is based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (founder of the system of yoga study based on 8 steps of self-development). The one who becomes a yogi is considered the man who governs his fate.

The practices and path of the Ancient Path of Yoga develops our ability of understanding, our will power and our consciousness. They go very deep inside the inner world of a human being, mind and psyche by studying ancient methods and ways, transforming all weak or negative forces into positive power!
Allowing a person to live his/her life as a King or a Queen.

By Alexander - Northern Deer Self Development Coach, Healer, Educator of Family Business & Self Management
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