Maya Tudor – instructor relatii & abundenta

Antonela is specialised in techniques such as Shamanic Theatre of Healing, the Art of Relationships – Tantra, the program of Abundance – making the financial path a spiritual path, Lucid Dreaming, Esoteric martial arts, Yoga (Patanjali), Gurdjieff (psychologic conscious evolution).
She began to question the meaning of life when she was very depressed at the age of 13th years old and by a fortunate accident she got out of the body, during the day time. The experience was so profound and strange, that since then she started to search for an answer with hope. She studied the ancient Greek philosophy and mythology for a start but she got more questions than answers. In the same period her mother introduced her to the world of bioenergy. During the 90’s a wave of therapist from Russia was coming to Romania, in a post-communist Bucharest. Maya was explore, on her own skin, the different energetic healing techniques. She was a national poet at the age of 14th and at the age of 24th she started to travel around the world in search for herself. She used to make visual art, performances and managing cultural events btw underground artist from Berlin-Paris-Bucharest-London. At the age of 28th she returned to Bucharest and she started the path of yogi with a Russian teacher professional in Tantra yoga, Raja yoga, Prana, Ashtanga yoga and Kundalini meditation. In the professional field Maya continued in the arts world as she was a movie director. Her first documentary movie was lunched in the House of People, in Bucharest, in 2011. At the age of 30th she participated for the 1st time on a shamanic ritual organised by her present mentor Alexander Northern Deer, and for the 1st time in her life she knew for sure that she meet a truthful and powerful spiritual being. From that point on all her questions were answered and now she knows exactly what to do in her search for the TRUTH. There are 5 years since she’s following the guidance of her spiritual teacher and during this time she learned about the wisdom and the philosophy of the ancient shamans within the WOW Academy.
She is driven by the Love for human beings and their tremendous power of transformation.

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