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Monday February 15th, 2016

Inner astrology – A path for transformation – Lesson 1

We define a new way for spiritual and personal liberation and growth by using an ancient path of understanding life: the Inner Astrology. This path was unknown for thousands of years and now it is revealed to us in order to understand the Universal Influences one receives in his/her life.  
Thursday September 3rd, 2015

The art of communication – Creating a relationship of acceptance & Love

If you want to create good relationships in your life, if you want to become a Master of communication and actually use your relationships as a way for Self Evolution next time you communicate with another human being try to do the following practice:  
Thursday September 3rd, 2015

Shamanic stories – First story – Part 3

The apprentice did again the kamlanie and journeyed to the upper world, to the future that was painted in the drum. He departed for his journey together with his spirit helpers…  
Thursday September 3rd, 2015

Shamanic Stories – First Story – Part 2

We cannot live without having at all memories but we can live without having identification, attachment with our past, replied the old shaman. Furthermore there are strong Tios
Thursday September 3rd, 2015

Shamanic Stories – First Story – Part 1

The young apprentice was sitting inside the tent. He was living there with the old shaman for some time now. Outside the tent the air was blowing.  
Friday July 31st, 2015

What is the meaning of the “painbody of relationships”?

The Painbody of Relationships is a lack of harmony between you and your other half in the level of the 3 main energy centers (chakras). A partner or a lover should be able to feel and perceive  
Friday July 31st, 2015

It is not simply a question of money !

A poor person is not the one who simply does not have money. The poor person is the one who does not have confidence in his self worth and if you…
Wednesday May 20th, 2015

Why my partner cheating on me?

  Why do we unconsciously search for lovers? We do not understand the spiritual root of this phenomenon. A stable relationship many times leads to super saturation with the same energy.  
Tuesday May 19th, 2015

The magical power of breathing

Sit in a comfortable position of yoga with your spine straight, close your eyes, inhale deeply and hold your breath as you also lower your chin towards your chest (your chin tries to touch your chest).
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