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December 7, 2018 @ 8:00 am - December 11, 2018 @ 5:00 pm



Dear Friends, Fellow men!
In the ancient times to be born in a tribe as a man or as a woman was something of a huge significance. It would determine the rest of your life in so many ways, it was your spirit path! It would form your life and your “work” in the society and within yourself.
Today this knowledge is in most places of the world completely lost. Even in isolated tribes where still tradition stays alive the deep routed knowledge is altered by the western mind and the attitude of progress and competition with others. 
Today exactly is where we need to remember who we are and what this creation is all about. And today we have the tools and the “technology” to see things not as traditions but as simple phenomena of life and existential truths. Sometimes to lose your path is the only way to understand it better and find it back with more understanding and clarity but most of all to find it more consciously!
I welcome you to the Men’s Academy, a dedication to the spiritual truth of Masculinity and a path of the awakening of the deepest cosmic truths about our gender as the masculine aspect of creation!
See you soon in our tribe!

Northern Deer Alexander
(Self Development Coach, Healer & Educator in Family, Business and Self Management)


Come To Men’s Academy!

This Project, Men’s Academy, is about formulating a core of teachings about searching the essence of gender. It is about empowering each other and sharing our truths within a community of people who are determined to change things and not wait anymore for someone or something to change by itself! Nothing will change by itself!
A man is a “warrior” in the absolute sense of the word. It is the manifestation of the principle Yang (Chinese Medicine & Tao Philosophy) – The energy of the Sun! A warrior is not someone who demonstrate his will and power over others! He is not trying to prove himself!
It is someone who is ready to die for serving the highest principles in life: Dedication to his duty, truth and clarity, peace and harmony, empowering others and protecting the sensitive and more soft aspects of life. In few words putting oneself in the service of the Divine Power. But most of all is searching for the meaning of our existence which ensures a life filled with fulfillment and love for ourselves and everyone around them. A man must strive all his life to become completely free inside in his spirit in order to reveal this noble purposes that the universe has in still in the masculine essence!

The path of Men!

From ancient times also the wise people had observed that when a man is really internally free is demonstrating the Divine Masculinity on his own without needing for anyone to direct him or telling him what to do. A man of freedom is a man of free will and this is our purpose in the community of Men we are building, in Men’s Academy!
The way to achieve this is through gatherings, physically and online: Seminars, webinars, trips, retreats, creation of a community or circle, a lot of practices and special training according to ancient civilisations and traditions is awaiting the ones will be become members of this masculine circle!
We are waiting for you for an awesome awakening!!

Topics of study

  • Personal Power
  • Masculine Purpose
  • The development of the 3 main masculine chakras and their qualities in a man
  • Man vs Woman – How to create the relationship with the other gender
  • Money, Business, Competition and more… learn to deal with the external world like a true spiritual warrior and a true man
  • The Archetype of the Father – What is it and how to become the Divine Father that you would like to be – Fearless and wise
  • Stability and strength – the core the masculine essence
  • The connection with Nature -What is the role of nature for the masculine essence?
  • How to flirt and the meaning of love
  • How to be a leader
  • The fighting spirit – developing the ability to become exited with intense moments of life!
  • How to love yourself and the world as a man
  • The roles of a man in society
  • The relationship of a man with life and death

and many many more aspects of life that will be practised and examined in depth in this amazing opportunity to awaken the lost glory of being born as a man!

Dec 7-11 will be the next camp for MEN’S ACADEMY
Northern Deer Alexander will be leading this camp and you will have opportunity to put yourself in the right track of your life once and for all.
We invite you to participate and encourage other fellow men to manifest their buried gifts and awaken their forgotten Divine and sacred energy that has been given to them from the creation

The camp will take place in the mountains of Transylvania – Roumania, a great place to awaken the ancient truths and primitive essence. It is a pure still place in nature keeping the ancient spirits and treasures of our ancestors (details for the exact place soon)

These 5 days we will be delving into deep knowledge and awakening in profound depth. 
Walking in nature, doing ancient rituals, special practices, sharing and opening sacred knowledge will be our daily very intense program!

This camp will determine also the core of this group of people who are ready to act and claim back what is rightfully theirs! the capacity to be reborn as a man that will be an example of freedom stability power and will, a free man that can love, support others and be without fear of being himself in all situations of life!
The time has come for this!


Contribution for the camp is: 250€ – for seminar 
Accommodation & food for the whole camp approx – 120€ (transportation expenses are not included)
Early Registration (before Nov. 15) – you receive a gift of 40€ 
For the members of WOW – contribution for the camp 210 €For Information how to become a member of WOW and rip the benefits of the participation (online classes – training videos – personal coaching – seminar gifts and more..) go here – & THE EXACT COST OF ACCOMMODATION WILL BE RELEASED SOON!


  • In order to participate you need to Register and prepay the amount of 150 euro (non refundable)
  • Bellow follow information about who to contact for the details of the registration

We are waiting for you in Joy!!!


More Info

If you live in Romania for more information you can contact: Ioan Nistor –email:iioanistor@yahoo.comTel: 0040 726 700 451

If you live in Greece please contact: Yula Karaviti – email: Tel: 0030 6940 566340

If you live in any other country write to Alexander Northern Deer – email: Tel: 0040 751 895532



December 7, 2018 @ 8:00 am
December 11, 2018 @ 5:00 pm
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