New Year Tibetan Celebration

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New Year Tibetan Celebration

February 16, 2018 @ 8:00 am - February 25, 2018 @ 5:00 pm

The Travel Adventure in a nutshell


10 days discovering Tibet


From the 16th of February 2018 to the 25th of February 2018.


Tibet, have a look at the trip map.


The closest airport is Lhasa Airport, transfers from and to the airport are included.


Scroll down for more info


Until the 7/1/2018

Our Trip will be memorable!

★ This trip is a wonderful memory and experience of your life time once in Tibet. Different from other ordinary sightseeing programs because we are more focus on your side: visit various monasteries, get the experience of local people’s lives and connect with your Deepest spiritual essence!

★ We guarantee your enjoyment while traveling, having enough time to communicate with your guides and the other people but also to appreciate the natural scenery.

★ We understand you need a similar environment as you staying home, though the poor facility in Tibet, we will do our best to offer you hotels with 24 hours hot water, excellent locations, western style breakfast, and heating.

★ The tour guide is well trained and can explain the Tibetan culture, Buddhism, Tibetan life style and landscape deeply. During the trip, based on the itinerary, we will stop at all fantastic sightseeing points to enjoy your presence there and also take some photos.

★ We will offer hot water bottle and electric blanket in winter to guarantee your warm stay at Rongbuk, where it is less than minus 10 degrees centigrade outside.



Day 1 & 2: Lhasa highlight

Visit the Highest Palace in the world, the Word Heritage Potala Palace

At the foot of Mabori Mountain(red hill), you see the pilgrims taking koras (religious circling) around Potala Palace.

Then hike to the top of the palace and enjoy the bird view on Lhasa city.

Meanwhile, tourists can visit the treasures of Tibet and the holiest tomb of the H.H the Dalai Lama reincarnation.

See pilgrims making prostrating in front of Jokhang Temple.

In front of Jokhang Temple, you observe lots of the pilgrims prostrating, stretching the full body back and forth on the ground to get the Buddha blessing.

You feel the intense power of the temple.

Inside Jokhang Temple, you can visit the holiest of the oldest statues of the lord of Buddha which was brought to Tibet from the Chinese mainland.

Follow the local Tibetans and see how they are practicing the religion, like praying beads, praying wheels, chanting, burning the natural incense in the burner and prostrating all the way to the Barkhor Street with their family.

Besides, you will see the customs of Tibetans from different places and the traditional Tibetan architecture.

Walk on Barkhor Street with pilgrims, explore the old market.

You explore Tibet oldest market around Barkhor Street: lots of vendors selling Tibetan traditional dress, well-curved colorful furniture, jewels, bronze Buddhist statues and lots of article from Tibetan Buddhism.

You may have the chance to see the traditional jewelry trading between people from different part of Tibet.

Taste the Sweat Tea in the traditional Tibetan Tea Houses

You go for a tasting in the local tea houses which sell the smooth and sweet drinks like cha-yi in India.

Get in there and share a cup of tea with local people, feel the energetic atmosphere of Tibetan community and know how Tibetan people spend their leisure time.


Day 3: Lhasa to Ganden Monastery and Trubshi Village

Today, you visit Ganden Monastery and the Tibetan Village Trubshi (about 3400m).

It takes 1.5-hour driving from Lhasa to Ganden Monastery. Ganden Monastery is the first and primary monastery of the Gelug Sect in Tibet. It covers a mountain side and is home for hundreds of Monks.

It is fascinating to go for Lingkor (religious circuit) around the Monastery and see the crack of rock which was magically done by Great Tsongkapa.

Then walk about 15 minutes to go into Tibet Village and Tibetan Family.

You can communicate with the family member and take part in their daily home work like cooking Tibetan food.

Stay overnight at Trubshi Tibetan Village.


Day 4: Half day trek near Trubshi Village

Exploring the Tibetan Village life will be the focus of today’s travel.

You may do some trekking along the village or a horse riding (optional, please discuss the price with local people).

After the lunch with our Tibetan Family in Trubshi, we’ll drive back to Lhasa where we should arrive around 3:00 pm.

The rest of the day is for leisure, and you can explore around and do some shopping by yourself.

Stay overnight in Lhasa.

Day 5: Lhasa- Papong ka trekking

Located sixty kilometers away from Lhasa, Papongka is very suitable to do a day trekking.

It is advised to carry meals with you to have a picnic outside just like local Tibetans.

Set early around 10:00, will return to Lhasa around 19:00.

Day 6 to Day 10

At Gangbala Pass (4990m) to View Turquoise Yamdrok Lake and Mt. Naiqinkangsang 

Yamdro-to Lake is shaped like coiling scorpion with an incredible blue color like turquoise.

The best place to have the panoramic view of Yamdrok Lake is from Gangbala pass, from which you contemplate the young Kang Sang mountain, the flocks of yaks and sheep dotted on the vast grassland.

Driving along the winding road on the bank of Yamdrok Lake, you can see Tibetan nomads life and stunning turquoise lake.


  Get Close to the Kharola Glacier on the way to EBC Naiqinkangsang

We stop by the roadside to explore Karola Glacier (5030m).

Karola is the only Glacier which can be seen in such a short distance from the roadside, while others are hidden in remote and high mountains.

  Smila Mountain Pass and Manla Lake

Like Yamdrok Lake, the water surface of Manla Reservoir has turquoise and changing color.

The huge stones pile, believed to be a holy place, is situated around Smila Mountain Pass(4200m) where colorful praying flags hanging on the rock face are fluttering in the strong wind.

Tibetans believe the Buddhist scriptures will be chanted over and over as the wind blows the praying flags and the flags giver will be blessed with good luck.

Heritage Town Gyantse Old Street and Pelkor Monastery Pogoda

Gyantse is one of the few countries which has an old street over hundreds of year and used to be the trade center of ancient western Tibet.

Kubum Monastery is the symbol of the old town; it has a 35m-high chorten (stupa) with its white layers trimmed with decorative stripes and its crown-like golden dome.

There are 108 chapels and 100,000 Buddha sculptures. Such magnificent architecture is also the highest one in entire Tibet.


Visit Barley Mill to explore locals diet and how traditional Tibetan food making

In the farmers’ village, we visit the barley mill, where you can see the local people using the power of water to drive the grinder for grinding barley corns, making the staple food for Tibetans.

Visiting The Barley Farmland and the farmers’ village

There is a plain in the valley of Gyantse, and for generations, Tibetans grew barley here, also it became the staple of Tibetans.

The massive green barley in summer moves like waves of grain wheat as the wind travels through the field.

The typical villages with distinctive Tibetan architectural styles are scattered around the both sides of the road, and you may also see water mills that produce barley flour.

Visit Tashilunpo Monastery in Shigatse

In Shigatse, you visit the famous Tashi Lhunpo Monastery with the well preserved largest statue of Jampa (future god) in the world.

The monastery, itself, is abiding place for the successive Panchen Lamas.

The main hall is the highest building of the monastery with a gold roof.

The monastery has many festivals and usually hold Buddhist ceremony, if you are lucky, you can see the monks with tall yellow hats praying and dance in the assembly hall or at the big yard.


The spiritual seminar by Northern Deer



There is no way to separate a trip, a journey to a faraway country without having a spiritual experience. For such a big trip the spirit and the intention are huge as well!!

Our attention is to enjoy life, expand our awareness and self-knowledge, become excited from our experiences which will lead to be more alive and also learn something important and valuable in the way that we can carry with us, inside us, in our memories in our actions and in our hearts. Our purpose in this journey is to experience these transformative moments as consciously as we can so that this trip will not be only an excellent memory but a way to remember our selves and return back reborn! The spirit under which we operate and the presence of a spiritual teacher together with us during all days ensure that the energy of our experience will be many times deeper than what is the external journey and activity!

Furthermore, in this trip, we will connect with ancient knowledge and global wisdom of ancient worlds one of which is the world of the Tibetans that we will be visiting. So the opportunity presents itself to have a great spiritual Journey and pilgrimage!

  • We will have interesting talks, topics of transformation of the different parts of our lives (health, relationships and the psychological aspect of how we experience our daily lives)
  • Introduction to the spiritual culture of Tibet (Tibetan Buddhism). You will be able to explore the simple basic spiritual principles of Buddhism under which the Tibetans live. Who was Buddha? What was his teaching? How can one be benefited from it in his/her life? Meditation and techniques of meditation and contemplation coming from Buddhism.
  • Study of the Buddhist Six Realms of Desire and Samsara.
  • Study of Mandala of Kalachakra
  • Spiritual Healing workshop
  • Tarot Cards Ritual for empowerment of your life and receive direction
  • Ritual of healing of your ancestors – “cleansing of your Family Tree”
  • Shamanic knowledge and ancient wisdom for daily living – We will study the knowledge of shamans of the Tibetan tradition and we will focus on the most interesting and relevant topics that connect different civilizations in this universal experience.
  • Drum Ceremonies and meditations – Shamanic Journey “Kamlanie” where you will learn to connect with the so-called spirits of the world of the shaman.

Also, there will be possible for those who want to have an individual consultation or session with Alexander – Northern Deer without additional cost. 


A message from The Travel Capsule

Welcome to all the adventurous souls, dreamers, travelers and friends!

The Travel Capsule is the “birth” of the free spirit, the adventurous soul and of a mind with the motto “I am realistic – I expect miracles to happen.”

Nothing is impossible in this realm, and the most excellent adventures always begin from within us!

The Travel Capsule is created to give us the opportunity to see world’s most beautiful places and phenomenon.

The Travel Capsule is looking to get the chance to enjoy and connect with purity, nature and other people; To contemplate about life’s miracle and infinite possibilities; To experience the unity that exists in this world and of course the most important to have an adventure!

Important: Please take time to read all of the information provided in this flyer.


We would like you to have in mind that this travel is not only an adventure but also a time to relax, to feel happy and to flow with life.

Nothing is obligatory although we will have to follow some schedule to keep things rolling.

Please read all the information provided.

The participation for New Year Trip in Tibet is 1450 €euro per person.

Included :

  • Tibet entry permit
  • Spiritual seminar under the guidance of Northern Deer Alexander (
  • Entrance ticket fee listed in the itinerary
  • Professional English speaking Tibetan Tour Guide
  • Accommodation: budget and clean hotel with breakfast
  • Car transfer with comfortable tourist vehicle
  • Oxygen and daily water bottled
  • Service fee of operating and handling
  • Local taxes

Not included :

  • Visa to China (Around 100€)
  • Lunches and dinners (Around 12€ per day and per person)
  • Tips to the Guide and the Driver
  • International round trip flight from your country to Lhasa Airport

How To Register


  • To enroll, please send us an email by clicking on the button above saying that you want to participate until the Friday 15th of December 2017.
  • To reserve your place, we will ask you for a 30% deposit of the package cost (nonrefundable – more details about the deposit will be sent to you after you’ll email us that you wanted to participate).
  • The total cost for the travel adventure has to be settled six weeks before the trip (until the 7/1/2018), according to the hotel policy.
  • As soon that you’ll have booked your air flights, thanks to sending us your air-flight confirmation and details. Please DO NOT book your air flights before contacting us to discuss the details and then you can proceed with the booking.

The Air-Flights

You will have to book a flight to Lhasa Airport, of course, we can assist you.

Arrival: Friday 16th of February 2018

Return: Sunday 25th of February 2018

Important Information – PLEASE READ

  • Please come with an open heart and an innocent spirit for an adventure. Try to let go, relax, and flow with life. We would like to have a spontaneous experience, of course, there would be a program to keep things rolling, but please embrace the unknown and everything that it will bring blessings to our way.
  • Valid Travel Insurance in Tibet:Please take caution so that you have one, as we will be asked during our reservation to provide all necessary information.
  • Passport: You need to have a valid passport with minimum six months before the expiration date on the 1st day you arrive in Tibet.
  • Visa arrangements: You must have a valid Visa for entering Tibet. Please contact us for relevant info and we will guide you how to issue one.



February 16, 2018 @ 8:00 am
February 25, 2018 @ 5:00 pm
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