The Husky Safari Express in Lapland – February 2020

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The Husky Safari Express in Lapland – February 2020

January 30 @ 8:00 am - February 3 @ 5:00 pm


The Husky Safari Express
will transport you to Lapland this winter!


The Travel Adventure in a nutshell


3 days Husky Safari in the wilderness to hunt Aurora Borealis or else known as Northern Lights & winter activities:

Multi days Husky Safari, each participant has his/her own sled and team of dogs to love and take care of.
Hunting Northern Lights
Lunch in open fire

Possible dates:

30 January 2020 – 3 February 2020

Finish or Norwegian Lapland, depending of the available dates

The closest airport is Ivalo Airport, Finland but there are also 4 other ways to arrive there, please ask us!

1500 euro per person for maximum 8 people group




Let the adventure begin!

Have you ever dreamed about travelling to see this planet’s most beautiful natural phenomenon? Are you in for a winter adventure? Would you like to go husky – sleighing not only for 3 hours but for 3 days having your own sled and dogs to love and take care of? Or maybe wander in the wild icy forests?

Then this travel adventure is for you!

The only thing that you would need is a free spirit, your love for nature, the real desire to discover yourself and a mood to live an adventure to flow with life! And good physical health, husky safari is under the category of extreme sports, it is fun and you will love it!

During this experience, we will spend two nights in nice and cosy accommodation before and after the husky safari to prepare, relax and also share stories. We will set for 3 days – 2 nights husky safari adventure in Lapish nature having winter activities and fun!



Why to join this adventure?

We are travelling to immerse ourselves in the silence of the Lapish forest, to be aware, contemplate and be one with it. Once you find yourself crossing on your sled these icy forests, feeling the wind on your face and becoming aware of the silence and stillness that is surrounding you, you have jumped already out of the dream and into reality. Everything and nothing is there, still concentration is there, the senses are there, everything is there, but no mind, you are free. Nature is a great master!

Husky Safari is an extreme sport and as such it is demanding physically but nothing you cannot manage if you are in a good normal physical shape and health. As an extreme sport and in combination with the Lapish weather it will challenge your mind and its beliefs about your body, about your strength, it might provoke weak sides in you to be seen and transcended, but nothing can challenge who you truly are and if you can come open with a free spirit to have fun and an adventure, transformation will happen.

We will have to step out of the norm of the life as we know it, we will have to live for 3 days in the wilderness and after this experience you start appreciating much more the small simple things in life. We will step out of our self-centered so called selves and we will experience the joy of serving others first, and in this case our faithful companions the huskies, as we will have to feed them and take care of them first. It is absolutely amazing to see and experience the bond with these beautiful beings, to witness their excitement for life and their love for everyone.

Leave everything behind and step into this adventure with the innocence of a child, the strength of a warrior and the wisdom of a sage.

We are here for you with love!





DAY 1:
Depending on our flights, we will arrive at Ivalo airport or alternative airport and then be transferred to our accommodation by taxi or bus to relax, rest and prepare for our Husky Safari the next day. Program start with dinner at 19.00. Then our guide will give all information regarding the tour.

DAY 2-4
The morning is spent picking up equipment like,snowsuits, boots etc. Organising the teams of huskies and learning the basics of caring for your team and driving the sleds. The sled-tour starts directly from the lodge over a hilly stretch, lakes and marshes.

On the 3-days overnight trip we will drive in varied terrain, and we will stop for a lunch break around an open fire. Close-up nature impressions together with a guide, who likes to share his knowledge and admiration of nature, wildlife and outdoor-life with you. The area is winter pasture for reindeers.

We spent the nights at our wilderness camp. Cosy and warm basecamp tent, hidden in the wilderness. Alternative we take other route and overnight in a mountain cabin on Finnmarks plateau. (Depending on weather conditions and time of year).

A long stretch back to Husky farm on different route through a beautiful landscape. We may see moose, as it usually stays in the valley during wintertime.

Dinner gathered in the warm atmosphere is waiting for us at our accommodation in the Husky farm. We have a cosy wood heated sauna and outdoor hot tub ready on request for those tempted! Maybe with northern lights above

DAY 5:
Bye, bye Lapland! Breakfast and transfer back to airport.




The spiritual Seminar
Wandering in Beautiful Lands, full of mystic, silence, and stillness, the northern lands of Our Planet is one of the true amazing experiences one can have during his lifetime!

In these places in old times were living Tribes and nomads

Have you ever wondered how did they survive and even thrived? In all the earlier periods the people, because they were connected more with nature, they also were connected more with themselves.

Travelling through the snow and ice of Lapland with Your Huskies, you will connect with your “older Self,” the One who is wise and profound and who understands everything clearly…

In these three incredible days, we will all together touch this wild side that we have inside and empower ourselves to the fullest. Feeling this more profound side of our being is the true meaning of spirituality.

It is existential, and we believe that for sure existence is more pure and visible in these lands of Lapland!

We will do few spiritual practices, meditate and engage, when we will have time, in heartfelt discussions.

While drinking our hot teas and coffees, we will be experiencing the pure truth of our lives and the precious moments that we will spend together with The Spirit of the North and the Nature around us!

The Husky slide travelling itself is a spiritual, shamanic journey of the heart that will make you understand and awaken in you the truth of your soul. We will also be there to assist.

Let’s all together Discover the amazing places of our inner and outer worlds!




1500 euro / person minimum number 4 plus leader, maximum number 7 plus leader

– 2 nights accommodation in a beautiful and cosy accommodation in the husky farm lodge or guest house
– 3 days husky safari (driving lesson, personal sleigh with dogs, full meal plan, winter clothes and equipment, accommodation for 2 nights in super warm and cosy tent or wilderness cabin depending on the route according to weather conditions)
– All meals included, starting from dinner of first day, till breakfast of the day of departure

Not included:
– Air flights from your country to Ivalo airport or alternative airport
– transfer from airport to husky safari farm, depending on which airport you choose to arrive.



  • To enrol, please click on the orange button above and write us saying that you want to participate the soonest as Lapland is a very popular destination and the long Husky Safaris sell out very quickly within October and November and we will send you more information regarding the registration. DO NOT BOOK your flights without first having contacted us.
  • Note: To reserve your place you will need to deposit 30% of the “Husky Safari express Package” (non-refundable).
  • The total cost of the “Husky Safari Express Package” has to be settled 1 month before the trip).




The Air-Flights

You will have to book a flight to Ivalo airport, Finland. We can assist you. There are also other options and airports to arrive at the Husky Safari Farm, depending on your country of departure, please consult us!


Important Remarks:

1) Travel Insurance:
It is the participants’ own responsibility to take out travel and accident insurance that cover trip cancellation, baggage, and extended medical insurance. This should include emergency evacuation insurance to cover any and all expenses associated with medical evacuation in the unlikely event such a measure be required. The customer is personally responsible for evaluating his/her physical and/or mental condition in relation to the contents of the relevant activity. World of Wisdom & Spiritual Adventure Association reserves the right to deny any customer’s participation in the above mentioned activities consider it to be necessary for the safe and/or appropriate execution of the activity. When relevant, all participants must sign a waiver accepting personal responsibility for his/her participation in activities before the activity starts

If you have to cancel your trip before the trip starts, payment are not refundable. For that reason, we recommend that you effect an insurance for that case. Should participant not wish to (or can not) take part in parts of the program, no refund is granted.

The customer takes part in World of Wisdom & Spiritual Adventure Association activities:
– Knowing that this might involve risk of personal injuries.
– Accepting that neither World of Wisdom & Spiritual Adventure Association nor any third party acting on behalf World of Wisdom & Spiritual Adventure Association can be made responsible for any personal injury or damaged equipment sustained during the activity. This also includes transportation to and from the activity.
– Taking full personal responsibility for the consequences of for any known or unknown illnesses or health conditions that can cause any acute onsets/attacks and have not previously suffered from, medical conditions that can be triggered by stress, cold or other exertion consequent on activity or experiences, such as for example dog sledding.
– Accepting that no third parties, hereunder family, can make any claims against World of Wisdom & Spiritual Adventure Association or any person acting on behalf of World of Wisdom & Spiritual Adventure Association on the customers behalf.
– Accepting that World of Wisdom & Spiritual Adventure Association does not hold accidents insurance. The customer therefore know that he/she are not insured by World of Wisdom & Spiritual Adventure Association in the case of any injury or damage to any equipment as a result of any situation he/she have caused or are responsible for.
– Accepting that claims towards World of Wisdom & Spiritual Adventure Association is regulated by Romanian law and any legal proceedings must be directed to World of Wisdom & Spiritual Adventure Association court of domicile.

4) Passport
Make sure if you are not a European citizen that your passport has at least six months validity.


Important information – Please read

The activity program per day may change according to the planning of the hotel.
All the necessary equipment for the activities will be provided (Overalls, gloves, winter boots, woolen socks, hats).
You are setting off on an adventure to witness the magical Aurora Borealis, although the place and month are carefully chosen to ensure that we will do so. Indeed no one can predict 100% when, and for how long this natural phenomenon will appear in the sky as the whole nature also Aurora Borealis is unpredictable!
Since Lapland is a trendy destination, keep in mind that the free rooms are filling up very fast, so please contact us at the soonest to check availability with the hotel.
A few words & myths about Aurora Borealis and Lapland
A few words about Aurora Borealis, or else the “Tricky Lady” as the locals call it, and the mythical Lapland!

An Aurora is a natural light display in the sky, especially in the high latitude regions (Arctic and Antarctic).Aurora Borealis is named after Aurora, the goddess of dawn according to Roman mythology, who was renewing herself every morning to fly across the sky, announcing the arrival of the sun and the Greek name for the north wind, Boreas.

For more info, please visit:

In Finnish folklore, an element of mystery is associated with Lapland, the country’s northernmost province. Many a myth stems from the ancient animistic beliefs of the Sami, the Arctic tribe, and Europe’s only indigenous people.

Many a myth derives from the ancient animistic beliefs of the Sami, the Arctic tribe, and Europe’s only indigenous people.

In Sami mythology, everything has a soul. Thus, every living and non-living being has a story of their own. Rocks and trees, foxes and reindeer, the Northern Lights in the sky and the knife in the reindeer herder’s hand all carry knowledge and wisdom within. Spirits are present in everything, wherever one wanders.

In the old days, Sami medicine men foretold one’s fate through visions. Healing, both spiritual and physical, was practiced through shamanism and making contact with the spirit world.

Life in Lapland follows the cycle of Mother Nature, and the stark contrasts between the four seasons dictate the pace.

Being able to wander in the wildernesses with nothing but your thoughts is an essential part of Lapland’s attraction. A feeling of being one with nature is still among one of the most empowering feelings humans can experience.

Like all spiritual experiences, Lapland needs to be seen and felt; describing states of mind never quite gets up there with the experience. Words fail to capture the feeling of standing on top of a fell gas.




January 30 @ 8:00 am
February 3 @ 5:00 pm
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The Travel Capsule


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