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December 2, 2017
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We define a new way for spiritual and personal liberation and growth by using an ancient path of understanding life: the Inner Astrology. This path was unknown for thousands of years and now it is revealed to us in order to understand the Universal Influences one receives in his/her life. People believe that the information contained in the astrological maps and calculations are not realistic.This is true! Unfortunately today’s astrology talks about this type of influence – the astrological one – as a matter of fact influence which acts mechanicaly and should have specific results. In reality Stars and Planets are huge beings and organisms that send emanations to all the space around them influencing everything in their range. But from the point of view of our human life this influence is mingling with the different types of influences that we receive making it more difficult to define exactly how much and what range this influences exist in us. The Inner Astrology as a path for transformation studies the different types of influences that we receive in our lives and helps a person use astrology as a way to understand him/her self and grow and not only to receive ready made answers about the future. A person studying this type of knowledge becomes a spiritual astrologer – a kind of modern priest or magician in the way astrologers functioned in ancient times. A person who studies in this way becomes able to define the qualities that he has inside and use the other aspects of the universal and earthy influences for his/her own benefit and the benefit of others around him. It is a very beautiful and interesting path! We invite you to learn it and use it in your life so to become happy, wise and strong!


There are 4 basic levels of influences that we receive in our lives. In order to grow and develop we need to pass from one level to the other and replace the lower influence with the Higher. This is the path of the esoteric astrology:
1. Basic influences of the social way of living (depending on the society we live in), external influences coming from our immediate environment (actions of other people around us) and the education that we received in the family, school etc
2. Our “Planetary Type” (and other typologies) – a Psycho-energetic matrix that we receive through our birth and is imprinted in our physiognomy, bodily and energetic structure
3. Astrological influences – Here are the influences perceived from the emanations of the celestial bodies of the universe, the planets and constellations that Astrology studies
4. Universal – Divine Influence – This is the influence coming from the Universal Flow of the Cosmic Consciousness – The Energy of the Whole Universe as One – The Source


We can create and send you your natal chart which will contain personal information and practices that you can do in order to grow in personal power and elevate yourself spiritualy. In this chart you will receive explanations about how you can become more independent and self reliant and how you can use Esoteric Astrology as a path in your life!
If you want your natal chart please contact us (go in the section contact us)
The Blessings of the Universe to Be with you!

By Alexander - Northern Deer Self Development Coach, Healer, Educator of Family Business & Self Management
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