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December 2, 2017
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December 2, 2017




T he highest manifestation of love in a man does not come immediately. One needs to experience and understand many things in his way to true love… A small child loves his mother and animals and loves them naturally. Nobody teaches him this, nobody shows him how to love. happiness and joy can be seen on his face because the child is in connection with the Beauty and the Divine side of life. The child express this love naturally to the people who are open to love like him.If a person wants to understand love and learn to love deeply and in the absolute way, he needs to understand the tangibility of his feelings. Nothing in life can be repeated. The only permanent thing is change. Life is a flux. The same is with Love. You cannot possess it. You can have it, live it, experience it, become one with it but you cannot make it your own in the same way you cannot make life your own. Life is to be experienced and lived not to be possessed.

Relationship is an arrangement between people in order to be helped to experience love in a deeper level.
You cannot possess another person and make him/her love you. A relationship is a gift, you should feel so lucky that the other person chooses to share his life’s moments with you. It is a privilege. Don’t try to control him or her. Then love will be lost, life will be lost, experience will become stagnant, a routine, a mechanical thing….
Intimate relationships and sharing your love and life with a person is an art that can be learned. The practices taught in our seminars can help adults to find harmony in their relationships with a partner. The Art of Relating is about the exchange of energies between two people, energies which exist within man since his first appearance on Earth. It is not by chance that a person is born as a man or a woman: it is something which has been chosen for the opportunity to unify and perfect their being. Knowledge about the art of relating can help a person along this way, not only on the physical level but on the level of your Spirit and Soul.

People who have taken part in Relationship seminars lost the complexes which have caused them to have feelings of shame, guilt and inner aggression towards the opposite sex. More and more often, feelings of fear emerge in the face of an opportunity to create a harmonious connection with a partner and one should very quickly find this fear and transform it, change it from being a destructive influence in your life into your ally. Only the union between man and woman on the three levels of Body, Spirit and Soul can give harmony and understanding to both, creating feelings of an eternal first love and a life filled with high emotion.
How can one attain the abilities to attract the attention from the opposite sex, create vital connections between man and woman, in the family, at work, in business and generally in Life? Come to our seminars and you will learn how to apply the knowledge of psychology as well as mystical methods to achieve all these things!


Question: Why is my partner unfaithful?
Answer: Why do people unconsciously look for lovers? They don’t know the spiritual way to things. When a person stays faithful to their partner it signifies that they have got used to the other and are energetically fulfilled. In order for this energy to circulate correctly it is necessary to give as well as take in equal measure. If there is no sexual creativity or novelty in a couple’s relationship there is no freedom. It means that they don’t listen to their body but their minds, which only serves to create a whole arena of complexes and habits, and once these are set in, a harmonious exchange of energy will become impossible.
Sexual energy is stored in Swadhisthana chakra and naturally looks for realizationș if it doesn’t find an outlet then family tension will start brewing, and by this way lovers appear on the scene. Also, unrealized sexual energy which stays stuck in Swadhisthana can be the cause of sexual aggression such as rape. In any case this energy needs to go out somehow if a person raise it up to the higher chakra centers. The movements of planets can also influence the need for sexual realization, and so on the unconscious level a person will accumulate the need for something new and exciting. But some time later planets take a new position and things return to their places.

Question: What is the more basic block in a man or a woman regarding relationships? Answer: The most basic difficulty is an energy block that creates lack of harmony in the energy exchange between you and the opposite sex. It is fear, shame, guilt, anger, disgust and/or other complexed feelings regarding your relationship with the opposite sex.
It exists inside the human psyche. To take it off by yourself is very difficult and even not every extrasensory can relieve someone of this suffering. Only if you uproot the complicated feelings that stem from all of the stereotypes regarding communication with the opposite sex and which you have received in your life, generally through your upbringing, can you say with conviction that you will separate yourself from this problem.
This lack of harmony between two partners of the opposite sex for example can appear in different levels in the seven energy centers (chakras) but the most basic are three of them. A partner must feel and perceive the energy of the other sex in all levels, by this way he will have Divine Spirit and harmonious character, he will be healthy, charismatic and extremely charming.
But if there is no exchange of energy between partners in these three basic levels they will be unable to sustain their connection.
To take off this energy block work is needed on the three chakras:

Swadhisthana – sexual center
Anahata – soul love, heart connection
Ajna – level of understanding

When these chakras start to work in harmony, the block is taken off and a person starts to see in his partner exactly what he needs to see. Then he can feel no offence or any other negative feelings. If a person keeps blocked everything inside of him he will continue to feel negative feelings and his creativity, passion and other exalted feelings will come to a halt. Such a person time and again thinks about himself: “Why am I unhappy in love?” or “Why am I not married?” A person who will be able to correct his energy by himself will be able to solve these problems alone, will make his centers active and harmonious and he will find solutions and answers to his previous difficulties. If somebody doesn’t have this gift he can ask for help from a Healer/ Teacher in order to remove his or her blocks.

By Alexander - Northern Deer Self Development Coach, Healer, Educator of Family Business & Self Management
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