Northern Deer Alexander

Northern Deer – Alexander

Spiritual Teacher, Healer & Educator in Family, Business & Life Management 

Northern Deer started his spiritual path after an encounter with a healer from Russia and in continuation a Siberian shaman when he was 28 years in his home town of Thessaloniki, Greece, He started learning methods and techniques of healing and communication with spirits and traveled to Siberia in the southern part of Altai where he was initiated in shamanism. From this moment he started traveling the world as a path of seeking Knowledge and Wisdom. He is sharing his experiences of soul discovery for the last 20 years.

When he was 19 years old he had a deep encounter with the spirit and became aware of his original self, determination of life & the path of enlightenment. But it was too early for him to realise entirely his life’s mission. 
It was enough though to realise that he was traveling in the spirit world from childhood and he was aware of the subtle sphere of existence all his life. Also he realized that he had received this gift partially from his family from the side of his father. His grandmother had also taught him a mystery method to clean the negative energies and the “Bad Eye” using a meditation technique with oil and water and a secret incantation. From the side of his mother he had received the power of self confidence and determination to achieve one’s own dreams in life by receiving empowerment and creating intentions for the Highest possible Dreams! 
He then realized that he had to combine consciously these two gifts and ignite the path of materializing the “Dream” of his original self!

From 1999 he travels the world teaching and healing, learning and spreading the spiritual messages to the people through rituals, lectures, seminars, trips, retreats, videos, to large groups and individually.

He constantly studies practices from ancient knowledge and modern science from all traditions and paths in order to perfect himself and find new ways and channels for sharing with the people the Truth that connects us all to our Highest Purpose and Self.

He has mastered different methods of therapeutic trance in order to heal psychological, mental and physical problems.  He has studied the ancient art of psycho-energetic theater for emotional liberation and development of personal power. 

He practices and teaches Raja Yoga, Esoteric Psychology, Shamanic journeys, Ancient Spiritual Traditions and the Art of Relationships. 

He teaches a method of Psycho-Energetic Empowerment & Protection – the path of spiritual “warrior”.

He undertook the mission to transmit this sacred knowledge all over the world, to contribute in opening of the consciousness of people and to heal their souls.  The last 16 years of his life have been dedicated to this purpose.

In his trips he has helped a lot of people in many different countries to resolve psychological problems, find their path in life, achieve health, harmony in relationships, manage their financial situations and problems and develop their personal power.  He has also helped many people to find harmony in their families and raise more happy and healthy children.  

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