Olimpia Mioara Mireștean – instructor

“I am here to inspire others through my practical solutions and to organize communities where everyone feels supported and seen.”
Originating in the middle of Transylvania, she studied Geography, then History, postgraduate in European Studies and Trainer in European Projects, also, she was a teacher for 15 years.
The change occurred one day, when for three days she didn’t know what happened, whether it was day or night (this is what the shamans call “Shaman Death”) and she realized that what is happening in her life raises questions about WHAT SHE IS as a human being.
Thus, self-rediscovery, healing, began through intense spiritual practices and inner development.
In 2012 she met her mentor, Alexander Northern Deer, with whom she came into the practice and study of shamanism, knowledge that comes like gloves in her hand!
The events supported by Olimpia Mioara Mirestean are authentic, combining shamanism (Siberian, native American, Inca, Maori, Romanian tradition) with dance, music, painting, esoteric martial arts, combining Moon’s Way with the Sun’s Way and the current knowledge, Human design. She made trips to powerful places from Romania, Europe, Peru (in the Andes mountains, ayahuasca in the jungle of Amazon) and India.
All these places and people who have guided, transformed her, bringing a plus of authenticity and originality to her work with people in the events she supports: women’s circle, drum circles, shamanic rituals, workshops, individual therapies, camps.

The ancestors ritual

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