Our instructors

Alexander Northern Deer


Founder, Spiritual Teacher, Healer & Educator 
in Family, Business & Life Management

He started his spiritual path after an encounter with a healer from Russia and in continuation a Siberian shaman when he was 28 years in his home town of Thessaloniki, Greece, He started learning methods and techniques of healing and communication with spirits and travelled to Siberia in the southern part of Altai where he was initiated in shamanism. From this moment he started traveling the world as a path of seeking Knowledge and Wisdom. He is sharing his experiences of soul discovery for the last 20 years. 
When he was 19 years old he had a deep encounter with the spirit and became aware of his original self, determination of life & the path of enlightenment. But it was too early for him to realise entirely his life’s mission.
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Elena Niculae



She practices and studies the philosophies of the ancient wisdom promoted within the WOW Academy along with the other members of the community.

She works under the guidance of the founder of the school Alexander Northern Deer.

She specializez in techniques such as shamanism , yoga (Patanjali), Gurdjieff and also Tantra including the Art of Relationships.
She is engaged in inner work to elevate towards Higher Self to healing the trauma that underlies the human being.
She is driven by the wisdom of Love for people!


Maya Tudor



Maya is specialized in techniques such as lucid dreaming, esoteric martial arts, Theatre of Healing, the Art of Relationships & personal development in financial world.

She began to question the meaning of life when she was very depressed at the age of 13th years old and by a fortunate accident she got out of the body, during the day time. The experience was so profound and strange, that since then she started to search for an answer with hope. She studied the ancient Greek philosophy and mythology for a start but she got more questions than answers.
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Monika Marek

Monika Marek



Monika lives in Valencia (Spain) where she is Instructor of the WOW Academy.

She was on her quest for truth many years, traveled along Asia and  studied Tibetan Buddism in Nepal and India. She also studied Astrology, Pranic Healing and trained herself to be a Certified Mindfulness Teacher.

When she met Alexander Northern Deer in 2015 she immediately new that she found her true Path. Since this time she participated actively in all the practices and events  of the WOW School and went through a deep transformation that changed her life. Now she wants to share her spiritual path with others.

She specialises in practices of Shamanic Healing,  Lucid Dreaming, Esoteric Marchial Arts and Astroshamanism. She also gives gives courses of Mindfulness and Meditation.

contact: wowacademyspain@gmail.com



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