Our Mission

During the last decades a lot of people have been aspiring to get real knowledge of life by turning towards various spiritual communities, Self-Development programs or attempting by themselves to penetrate and understand the secrets of being and the world creation. It is very difficult to obtain self realization only through spiritual books and workshops without undertaking a more serious and concrete path of preparation and work on oneself because our modern times and the social principles have changed and are different from the past demanding a unique approach on spiritual evolution. Each epoch is in need of its own Masters.

Many people already have started to understand and know about man’s connection to Cosmos. Being a miniature of the universe a man can learn to enter into the infinite space of consciousness and universal powers which has no shape name or form. The true knowledge comes from this space and is as infinite is this space. The knowledge comes to manifestation on the earth through the thin substance, through energy fields and they are already stored in deep places in the subconscious of man. These energetic places of knowledge are driving the evolutionary process of humanity. All the spiritual Masters and prophets of the past have gotten their knowledge from these energetic fields of consciousness and wisdom and after being initiated how to transmit it to the world they brought the knowledge to others and helped people. Each one of them did this in his epoch, in his own language, with the aim to continue the stream of evolution for the many generations to come.

Our generation is also receiving this ancient knowledge coming today through the Masters of the new epoch we live in. Our spiritual community/academy which is based in Romania, but which is spreading its wings in many countries, also transmits this knowledge through dedicated teachers and instructors which help the people to become aware of their spiritual nature.

This spiritual nature is not religiousness but a creative development of a man resulting into integration of his personality with his true essence acquiring his unique and authentic “I”. At the same time the traditional spiritual path of the past which we all understand remain within us and in WOW is practiced in a modern and deep way. There are prayers to all Gods, rituals and initiations. But we have to realize the existence of the one God inside of us and outside of us as the Divine presence that permeates all beings and is above all paths, religions and traditions. People call it with different names: God, Supreme Power, Source, Universe, Father Sky & Mother Earth, Absolute, The Spirit of the Eagle, Nagual etc.

We should also always remember that spiritual path and the religious, divine feelings should never be transformed into dogmatic and fanatic belief systems. Identification with a path is an enemy as every other identification, sometimes even worse.

In the seminars and events of our academy you will find the infinite depth of wisdom which transforms the being and consciousness and help to find the connection with the true Divinity


The WOW Team

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