Psycho-energetic Empowerment & Protection

Ancient Path of Yoga (Patanjali) – Ahimsa – Part 3
June 10, 2017
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December 2, 2017




A system of development used to gain personal power.
This type of discipline and practice, once used for training warriors and spiritual leaders in ancient civilizations is now accessible to you.
If you like physical and energy training then you’ll love the Psycho-energetic empowerment because a real warrior has power over his mind and defends himself against negative influences by empowering his psyche.

So take one of the classes and learn to flex your mind muscles.
The program of psycho – energetic empowerment engages practices of:
1. The Path of the Inner Warrior – the ultimate path to self esteem and realization, the path of the inner warrior will release you from stress, frustration and inner guilt. (practices, rites, meditations and theory);
2. Practices for development of vital and emotional protection from external influences and inner stress;
3. Psycho-energetic techniques, rituals and practices that helps a person to develop his vital energy-body & work on energetic and psychological level;
4. Psycho-energetic Theatre (Emotional liberation and liberation of Karmic patterns);
5. Practices for empowerment and development of the 7 chakras;
6. Meditations for opening of the inner fire (Tapas).

By Alexander - Northern Deer Self Development Coach, Healer, Educator of Family Business & Self Management
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