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December 2, 2017
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December 2, 2017



S piritual Healing is a process of energetic empowerment that opens and reveals the hidden resources of our organism in order the human body to initiate the process of cleansing and rejuvenation that has as an intrinsic quality from the moment of birth.
The person who wants to receive a healing or wants to heal him/her self must become more free and happy in order the proccess of healing to take place. A person can receive different types of healing according to his personal energetic type and karmic issues and can become more strong if he or she decides to make changes in his/her life after the initial healing session. For a majority of people the healing process became a way to start questioning different issues of their lives and became a the reason to engage in self knowledge and spiritual transformation! we ask you to consider this path of becoming a healer for your self and for others and/or receive a healing for yourself as a beginning of your path for transformation, empowerment and finding The Real Absolute and Divine Love. The real Love that starts within our selves by loving our bodies, our energy, our closest people and in the end everything that exists – Life!

You Can Receive Different Types of Healing:
– Crystal Healing
– Manual Therapy
– Massages ( Yin Yang Massage – Massage of the four elements – “The Step of Budha” Massage – Shamanic Massage – Energetic Massage – Massage with the use of Honey, an ancient Egyptian method for deep cleansing – Etheric Massage, Taoistic Massage, Reflexology, Chakra Massage, Tantric Massage)
– Healing with Candle fire & Wax
– Opening & Harmonization of Chakras
– Activation of Specific Chakra
– Chakra Diagnosis
– Reiki Healing Session
– Soul Retreaval
– Karmic Cleansing
– Healing with Objects of Power
– Shamanic healing
If you are intrested in receiving more information about the types of healing please contact us.

By Alexander - Northern Deer Self Development Coach, Healer, Educator of Family Business & Self Management
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