Saturday December 2nd, 2017

The Wisdom of Ages – Shamanism – Ancient Traditions

Sunday December 10th, 2017


       START THE JOURNEY! Life is  Journey, Your Life is a Journey… don’t wait for it to pass – awaken for this reality NOW!   OUR GOAL IS TO GUIDE YOU DOWN THE PATH OF SELF-DEVELOPMENT BY TEACHING THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLES!       ~~~~~~~~~ Spiritual knowledge. You should expect […]
Thursday April 19th, 2018

5-Day Camp with Northern Deer – World Of Wisdom

ARE YOU READY TO BREAK THROUGH ALL YOUR OBSTACLES THAT STOP YOU IN LIFE? Based on Ancient Wisdom & Modern Knowledge our Self Development Organization helps people to transform their Lives, gain confidence and bring back the passion in their life!
Saturday July 28th, 2018


Our Special 3rd Camp of the year is coming soon! 6 DAYS OF TRAINING, FUN, TRANSFORMATION AND HEALING!   Dear friends welcome to WOW Academy 3rd seminar of 2018! Time passed quickly and we are already in the 3rd seminar of the 3rd year of the WOW Academy . Are […]
Sunday August 5th, 2018

Olympus Summer Retreat 2018

We are happy to announce the Summer Trip to Olympus - Spiritual / Business Retreat - that you were all waiting with enthusiasm! In the period August 5 -11 you will have the most transformational retreat you could ever imagine which will help you relax, empower yourself and find new inspiration and understanding for your life!
Tuesday March 12th, 2019

Start where You Are

Usually people do not start because they believe they are not ready or they do not have the right conditions. They don’t have easy tools and ready-made processes, or ever whore as they think,
Friday April 12th, 2019

Manifesting Your Goals – (part 1)

When you attain your aim, your life starts being destroyed. Avoid the feeling of the terminal. When you attain your aim you will stop. Now there is nothing to pursue. Your mind will have nothing to focus on, nothing creative.
Friday May 10th, 2019

Dance Meditation Night

Te invităm cu mult entuziasm la o seară specială de meditație dinamică! O seară dedicată libertății de expresie, bucuriei și vieții!   Dansează cu noi și adu la suprafață darurile sufletului tău. Descoperă aspecte ale tale ce nu au fost știute sau exprimate până acum. Dă o șansă exprimării libere […]
Wednesday May 15th, 2019

Sinele Superior – Legile spirituale ale manifestării intenției!

Continuăm serile magice din Deva cu o seară dedicată frumuseții și miracolului Sinelui Înalt, al menirii divine, al spațiului unității și manifestării ei în tot și toate! Te invităm cu mare drag să accesăm și să simțim împreună miracolul imposibilului ce devine posibil. Vei avea șansa unei dezvoltări personale spirituale, […]
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