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Wednesday March 18th, 2020

The Money as Energy and a Path for our Transformation – part 6

There is a basic Rule for success of any kind and in every level. You attention should not be distracted by irrelevant and secondary useless things. But always remember yourself and your Higher Goal in Life. In your actions, in your feelings and in your thoughts you should 
Wednesday March 11th, 2020

The Money as Energy and a Path for our Transformation – part 5

I once had a conversation with a businessman, who told me clearly that if someone follows all the conventions of society and the collective unconscious, they will end up losing all their money, they will remain literally without pants, and will also end up owing money as well. This is […]
Saturday February 29th, 2020

The Money as Energy and a Path for our Transformation – part 4

So the level of personal power when a person can do such a thing shows that the chakra Manipura (3rd chakra) and the vital energetic body got developed to a substantial level and are working well. And when the vital body is fully grown and balanced, then the person will […]
Friday February 21st, 2020

The Money as Energy and a Path for our Transformation – part 3

And one of the biggest attachments we have is the attachment with SCARCITY. It is the fear that there are not many resources out there so we are going to starve and be poor! Another one is the attachment to ideas like “I am free and happy without money, I […]
Monday February 17th, 2020

The Money as Energy and a Path for our Transformation – part 2

What is poverty in reality? It is the absence of intention, the lack of vital energy. People with the “program of poverty” inside of them usually ask: “Why do we need to have money? Why do we need to work and do all this stuff in order to have something? […]
Sunday October 20th, 2019

We cannot bear so much reality

Reality has its reality. That’s why it is hard for the majority of the people. From the moment we are born, we educate ourselves out of the real facts. How is this possible, one may ask? Well, the truth is that they teach us the reality of our 
Saturday August 3rd, 2019

WOW Academy – Samothraki summer stage

6 DAYS OF TRAINING, FUN, TRANSFORMATION AND HEALING! Dear friends welcome to WOW ACADEMY 3rd seminar of 2019! Time passed quickly and we are already in the 3rd seminar of the 4th year of the WOW ACADEMY Are you ready for a deep awakening? Are you ready to enter deeper […]
Thursday June 27th, 2019

Tantra & Relationships Retreat in the Mountains

In scurt timp urmeaza: TABARA NOASTRA SPECIALA!  Conecteaza-te la chemarea interioara si vino la un seminar care iti va schimba viata pentru totdeauna! Fii pregatit sa interactionezi, sa plangi, sa razi, sa te joci si sa inveti! Fii pregatit sa te conectezi profund cu tine insuti, cu altii si cu […]
Sunday May 19th, 2019

Regasirea Feminitatii Autentice

Dragi femei și eroine ale acestor timpuri, Vă invit să fiți prezente pe parcursul unei zile inițiatice, într-un spațiu de vindecare profundă și redescoperire a autenticității femininului! Călătoria spre inima unei femei este o cale de o frumusețe nebănuită, plină de darurile vindecării, reîmprospătării sufletului și regăsirii drumului. Astfel, restabilim […]
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