spiritual path

Sunday December 4th, 2016

Becoming Your Own Best Self – part 1

It is necessary in your life to have purpose, meaning that you need to feel that your life has a purpose, that your life has meaning and it is powerful.  
Monday May 23rd, 2016

Our task is to give the knowledge for the right course of action

In the Vedas it is written: “The Truth is one!” But just see, the wise men who know it speak about it in so many different ways! In essence, the world, the universe  
Wednesday February 17th, 2016

The miracles of the flow

The seminars are being held under the flow of the spiritual energies and the Intention of the School. This Intention is the spirit under which the school is functioning. It is the spirit of transformation and unity in all levels (energy bodies) of a human being.  
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