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In Life, we at WOW Academy know that it’s always important to STAY Ahead of the Curve. Especially today with the Global situations we face. Because of this, we created an Online WOW School sharing our Simple but Effective and Powerful Growth Tactics & Teachings for Your Life’s Path.

From Business to Relationships, Health, Personal-Development, and Evolution into Consciousness We Know and Share How To Transform One’s Life Situations into Successful Learning Waves and Stimulate Growth through Your Everyday Experiences and Circumstances

Are You Ready to Start Your NEW Life?

4 Major Areas Of Life To Conquer
Achieve Incredible Results!

These growth paths have been created to help you get ahead and stay ahead of your Inner Enemies, Competition, Obstacles, and Resistances by teaching you:

1. Health

How To Stay Healthy in Today’s Conditions- The Reasons For Diseases – The Role of Your Energy to Your health

2. Realationships

Ways to utilize Your Relationships to your own evolutionary advantage.

3. Business, Money & Work

Ways to utilize your Work (or Business) to your own evolutionary advantage.

4. Your Own Self

Tactics to develop a Favourable Understanding of Your Everyday Psychology & Of the Ways You See Your Self.

There Was NEVER A Better Period Of Time To Take Your life’s Path More SERIOUSLY!


What Can You Achieve with the WOW Growth Techniques?

With these simple growth techniques and lessons, you’ll be able to optimize your efforts for your evolution. Through the combination of these methods, you will leverage the stacking up of the energies of each technique and fulfil the needs of your body, emotions, and mind. The result is the Psychological Freedom and Flexibility to get your “message” out to the world, express yourself as you ARE and live your life as you INTEND to live it!

Are You Ready for This?

Psycho-energetic & Body training

Every Thursday – Develop strong energy and confidence, personal power and protection from all types of negative energies and influences.

Lucid Dreaming

Every Monday – We discover our energetic body, what it is, it’s capacities and we develop the ability to become more aware of the subconscious mind and the “world of dreams” as the shamans call it. Together with all these we develop health and youthfullness (anti-aging procedure).

Revision Of Life

Every Wednesday – Discover the stories that are buried in your memory and that keep you down. By practicing this technique we clean & release step by step the traumas and the psychological pain we acumulated in the past and we delete it from our present life.


Two times per month
This Year we are learning:
– Personal Power – How to Gain Self-Trust, Mental Clarity & Happiness
– Tantra & Relationships – Next level of Relating – Lear about the Secrets of The Highest Form of Love.


Northern Deer Alexander / Spiritual Teacher & Founder of the WOW Academy

Northern Deer has been in the Spiritual Path for more than 25 years and with that experience came the passion to help people in person through individual Sessions, Seminars, Trips all over the World and also online Teachings & Practices in order for their lives to go from good to great. With that in mind, Northern Deer came up with simple, yet proven growth methods to help people Awaken and Thrive.

Outside of the WOW Academy, Northern Deer is a big fan of the outdoors, working on his awareness, techniques, and methods, and creating stellar workshops, seminars, and Spiritual Trips that leave people amazed and extremely benefited spiritually.


So much value in one place!

You will be amazed by how much information You will able to gain from her simple way of transmitting knowledge. Elena is a genius!


Amazing advice.

Maya loves the section of building a successful leader within each Human Being. Being able to look at it from the Business & Personal Empowerment perspective.


Please read carefully the info about each option of subscription and when you have decided click the ”subscribe” button. This will take you to our contact form where you should simply fill in the specific fields your name, your email address and in the message box, just enter which option you choose.In the next 3 days our team will get in touch with you for the next steps.

For more info please get in touch with our team members who are delighted to help you understand everything:

If you live in Romania please write to Alexander Northern Deer – Tel: (0040) 751895532

If you live in Greece please write to Yula Karaviti – Tel: (0030) 6940566340

If you live in any other country write to Alexander Northern Deer – Tel: (0040) 751895532


€175/year /one payment


€210/year/ in 2 payments of €105


• Access to all the online Weekly meetings

• Access to One Monthly Webinar (except the Tantra & Relationships)


€195/year /one payment


€230/year/ in 2 payments of €115


• Access to all the online Weekly meetings

• Access to both Monthly Webinars (including the Tantra & Relationships)

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